Ketamine FAQS


Will my insurance cover the Ketamine treatments?


Ketamine treatment for chronic pain or mood disorders is considered an off-label use of Ketamine by the FDA. Therefore, most insurance companies do not cover the treatment. At KetaTherapy we do not participate with Medicare nor do we accept insurance.  We will, however, work with you if you need patient financing.


How much does each Ketamine Infusion cost?


Ketamine treatment for Depression typically costs $600 per infusion. For chronic pain, the cost will vary as infusions for chronic pain are generally longer (sometimes 4 hours). A four-hour infusion will cost $1000.00, however, the cost will be less if we administer a shorter infusion.  


*Please note we offer significant discounts to First Responders, and Veterans*


How many treatments will I need?


As the Ketamine treatment is specific to your medical diagnosis, the number of treatments needed varies. Generally, for mood disorders, 4-6 treatments are given over the course of two weeks with each treatment lasting approximately 45 minutes. During the first week of treatment, we generally give 3 treatments. After the first or second treatment, we will adjust the treatment based on the improvement of your symptoms. We may decide to increase the dose if little benefit has been observed. If you have not seen results after the third infusion, we may stop treatments.


For chronic pain, CPRS, we generally start with 5 treatments during the first week. The infusion time is generally longer, up to four hours, if necessary. Results may be seen after the first infusion but they generally require the full week of treatments to see a reduction in your symptoms. After the initial infusion schedule, a maintenance infusion, also known as a booster is usually necessary to prolong the healing effects of Ketamine therapy.  As these treatments are individualized, the maintenance infusions will depend on your individual response to the initial infusions.

Is Ketamine Safe?


Ketamine has been used for 50 years as an anesthetic and for the last decade used for the treatment of various mood disorders and chronic pain. It is considered one of the safest anesthetics as it does not depress respiration or drop blood pressure. Using illegally-obtained ketamine on your own, without a doctor’s supervision, is a different matter. 


The doses of Ketamine used for Ketamine Infusion Therapy are sub-anesthetic doses, which means the doses are much less than used for general anesthesia. You will not fall asleep. You will be in a controlled medical facility and monitored to ensure your safety. A board-certified anesthesiologist will be in full control of your infusion. So yes, Ketamine is entirely safe.


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What are the side effects of Ketamine?


As Ketamine Infusion Therapy is safe, most patients will not have any significant side effects. However, some patients may experience mild side effects.


Because Ketamine is a “dissociative” anesthetic that can cause hallucinations, we may administer medications (benzodiazepines like Valium) to prevent this from occurring.


Nausea is another possible side effect, however, every patient will receive an anti-emetic prior to Ketamine administration to prevent nausea.


Other known side effects may include headaches, an increase in heart rate and/or an increase in blood pressure. As anesthesiologists are monitoring your heart rate and blood pressure continuously during the infusion, we can treat this immediately.


Less common side effects may include lucid dreams, mood swings, or agitation. Adjusting the dosage of your infusion therapy will usually alleviate this side effect.


Where can I find more information about Ketamine Infusions?


A comprehensive site for a review of Ketamine Infusion Therapy can be found at the Ketamine Advocacy Network. We highly recommend you visit this site:


You can also click on News and Research here. 

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