Ketamine Safety


At KetaTherapy, we consider safety the number one priority. All Ketamine infusions are administered meeting the American Board of Anesthesiology Standards for monitoring patients receiving mild to moderate sedation. In addition, our Ketamine treatments meet the American Psychiatric Association consensus recommendation for Ketamine therapy and the American Society of Anesthesiology guidelines for monitoring and airway management requirements.


Most importantly, our Board Certified Anesthesiologists will oversee your infusions.


Please note that if being treated for mood disorders, collaboration with Mental Health Professionals is paramount in assuring Ketamine Infusion Therapy is right for you. A referral from your mental health care professional will be required.


The first step in our program is to be screened by an anesthesiologist who will review your medical history. A medical consultation with your internist may be necessary before you can start treatment.

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