Ketamine infusion therapy

The KetaTherapy Process



1) The Screening Process:


Safety is our priority. Before we administer Ketamine treatment, KetaTherapy will require a full medical evaluation by either our board-certified anesthesiologist and/or your medical doctor. If you are being treated for depression, we will need a referral from a mental health care professional -- either a psychologist, clinical social worker, therapist, etc. It does not need to come from a psychiatrist and a prescription is not necessary.


If you are not currently being seen by a mental health care professional, we can refer you to one. All your medical information will be reviewed by our board-certified anesthesiologist prior to Ketamine treatments.


2) The Procedure:


Ketamine infusions are performed in our outpatient facility. We ask that you not eat or drink for six hours prior to treatment. We will inform you which of your current medications are allowed be taken the morning of your treatment.  


During the Ketamine infusion therapy, you will be relaxing in a comfortable recliner. We will connect you to our monitors; EKG, Blood Pressure and Pulse Oximeter. Although Ketamine has been shown to be a safe drug especially used in the subanesthetic dose range, we adhere to the standards of the American Society of Anesthesiology for monitoring patients.


Next, a small IV will be placed in your arm, you will be given anti-nausea medications and then the administration of Ketamine will begin. Most patients just relax and close their eyes. You may listen to music if it does not interfere with your treatment. The effects of ketamine on the brain start quite quickly and you may experience what is described as “dissociation.” This is a loss of awareness of your body, which is normal and in fact is a good sign that the treatment is working. We will be monitoring you throughout the procedure and can adjust the infusion based on your responses.


3) Aftercare:


Side effects of the Ketamine treatment are rare but may include headaches, an increase in pulse and/or blood pressure. We, as anesthesiologists are equipped to quickly treat these side effects with medications, if necessary. 


Upon completion of the infusion, Ketamine effects wear off quickly and will have mostly dissipated within 20-30 minutes.  After a few hours, any lingering effects are usually gone. You may feel tired and a good night sleep is advised. After your treatment is finished, we recommend that you do not drive or operate heavy machinery for the remainder of the day.


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